Presenting the nominees: Anastasia Pustovoitova

Presenting the nominees: Anastasia Pustovoitova

Category: Referee

Born 10 February 1981, ex defender of Russian national football team, Anastasia Pustovoitova is one of the top-class female referees, having some important finals in her resume in the past season.

Which is the most memorable moment in the past 18 months for you?
The memorable moments of these last months were three final matches of this year: Algarve Cup Final 2019, Women’s Champions League Final 2019 and the small final at the Women’s World Cup, a game for the 3rd place.

What was the hardest decision for you to take that you faced in the past 18 months?
What was it for me? Well, after consulting VAR we allowed the second goal against Sweden in the group stage game between Sweden and the USA.

Is there any game that you’d want to live through again?
Yes, actually, more than one. Women’s Champions League Final match and the match for the 3rd place at the Women’s World Cup in France.