Presenting the nominees: Life Tackle

Presenting the nominees: Life Tackle

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Life Tackle is a project co-financed by the EU life program aimed at improving the environmental management of football matches and to increase awareness of environmental issues in the football sector.

Where did the idea of creating such a project come from?
The idea starts from some basic considerations: football clubs and National federations have been very active in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the past, but these efforts have been focused mainly to social topics such as racism, social equity, disability, accessibility and less toward environmental sustainability. At the same time the environmental impact of football can be considered as high: energy consumption, mobility, waste production, water consumption are only few of the effects that can be linked to a football event or to the stadium management activities. Taking into account these issues, S.Anna School of Advanced Studies together with UEFA and three National Football Associations (From Italy, Sweden and Romania) have elaborated the project proposal and obtained funds from EU Commission through the Life Programme.

What are the main objectives of Life Tackle?
The main objective of TACKLE is to improve the environmental impacts of sport events and to increase the environmental awareness of football key actors. In specific the objectives of Life TACKLE project are:

  • to identify and collect environmental best practice in environmental management of football events publishing them in a Guidelines tool;
  • to test these best practices in some selected European stadia improving their environmental performance
  • to increase the environmental governance capability of the participating National Football Association (NFAs);
  • to improve the environmental awareness and behaviors of football supporters;
  • to replicate and disseminate the environmental practices also in non participating NFAs;
  • to favour the uptake of TACKLE results in EU policies (e.g. EU Work Plan for Sport) and UEFA policies and events (e.g. Euro 2020)

What is the achievement of the past that you are most proud of?

One of the results already achieved is the Guideline of the project that resumes more than 80 environmental best practices adopted in the past in sport events such as Football World Cup, but also Olympic Games, Rugby, etc.

Another achievement we are proud of is the interest we have raised in the stadia that are applying in the project the best practices we have included in the Guidelines. To date, in TACKLE 11 stadiums from 7 Nations (all first division stadia) are involved: Marassi – Genova, Olimpico – Roma and Bergamo (Italy); National Arena and Voluntari FC (Romania); Friends Arena and Helsinborg (Sweden); Estádio do Dragão Porto (Portugal);  Aviva stadium – Dublin (Ireland); King Balduin – Brussels (Belgium); Benito Villamarin – Sevilla (Spain).