Presenting the nominees: Ravshan Irmatov

Presenting the nominees: Ravshan Irmatov

Category: Referee

5-times best football referee in Asia, a newly elected first Vice-President of the Uzbekistan Football Association, Ravshan Irmatov is one of the most respectable referees in modern football.

Which is the most memorable moment in the past 18 months for you?
For me, the memorable moment of the last 18 months was the 2019 Asian Cup, the final game between Qatar and Japan.

What was the hardest decision for you to take that you faced in the past 18 months?
In every game there are very difficult moments in which difficult decisions need to be made, but there were no special moments in which I made any very difficult decisions.

Is there any game that you’d want to live through again?
Each match is so important for me that I never highlighted matches whether it was a match of the World Cup, Asian Championship or the Championship of Uzbekistan. Therefore, every game I served is very important, so I would love to live through every match again and again.