Presenting the nominees: Soltilo Familia Soccer School

Presenting the nominees: SOLTILO FAMILIA SOCCER SCHOOL

Category: For the contribution to the educating of football

SOLTILO, Keisuke Honda family football school project, currently has over 60 schools with over 3000 students and is managed under 3 programs; SOLTILO FAMILIA SOCCER SCHOOL, SOLTILO FC, and Global Soccer Camps. The name comes from the hope that our students will be able to express themselves in their own unique way.

So many countries where you are presented in, you unite kids all over Asia, what is the goal of your academy?
The goal for us is to participate in the “dream and hope” for as many children as possible. There are two main things that we are working on for the dreams and hope. The first is to educate the kids technically and mentally to succeed as a soccer player/person and to acknowledge the world football level at a fast stage. The other is to ensure that children can live steadily and independently even if they take a different path from soccer players. Show as many options and possibilities when you are a child. 

Your academy is well known as family soccer school, which meaning do you put in to it? What is the philosophy that you teach kids?
SOLTILO stands from: SOL = SUN, ESTILO = STYLE, FAMILY = Family
We want the children to shine like the sun to connect around the world like their families.
We wish to contribute to world peace through football.

Talking about last year, name one or two cases that you are most proud of?
In the first place Keisuke Honda has been appointed as the GM of the Cambodia national team and in addition to the activities of the football, our contributions to the society of Cambodia through football have been gradually developed in many projects and to leave an impact.
In addition to the SOLTILO AFRICA DREAM SOCCER TOUR, we conducted educational activities through soccer to about 1000 children in three countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. This is still an ongoing project, and at the same time we have gave occupational experiences besides soccer to many children.
And finally Hiroki Abe, who graduated from SOLTILO academy and stayed with us from age of 12 till 15, signed a contract with Barcelona from Kashima Antlers.